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Friday, July 31, 2015

About Me
Trained in Public Relations and Journalism, I entered bright-eyed and enthusiastic into the corporate world, working for a Fortune 50 Company. In the field I’ve gained confidence in who I am as a communicator and captured experiences that I never thought would be put on my resume, but somehow have surprised myself in my own accomplishments. Although I do not have a shelf full of accolades, or a wall full of framed degrees, I do have a portfolio of experiences to draw from and an attitude of “bring it on!” As life’s lessons are slowly unfolding, I am beginning to solidify my priorities and my values. I’ve devoted this small slice of the web to spend more time reflecting, and learning about myself through the written word. It is a way to track my progress against committed goals and to stay accountable by giving them a public audience. Additionally, my hope is to provide insight from my experiences to others and aggregate helpful tools along the way.

The Power of Now
I’ve recently read the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It is a great way to put every small choice you make in life into perspective. And trigger your motivation to finally start living the life you want to live… all it takes is to start… start now!

Achieving Contentment
I’m incredibly blessed to be married to a man I adore, be surrounded by a strong support group of friends and tight-knit family, live in a warm, cozy house that feels like home and be gainfully employed with a job that constantly challenges me and helps me grow. Most importantly I have the Lord to guide me and the hope and joy of His Spirit in my heart. But I know I am not taking full advantage of all I have been given. I have been trapped in cultural ideals, getting caught up in the marketing schemes of discontentment, always feeling like I am lacking… lacking beauty, lacking money, lacking possessions, lacking influence. So I have developed a set of 10 goals to work towards and take advantage of the blessings I’ve been given, simplify my life in the midst of a world buzzing with opportunities, information and psychological advertising and find contentment in the things I already have... striving to be all I can be.

Wake up Earlyexpand your day’s hours to either be more productive or spend a little quality time with yourself.

Limit Screen Time – turn your worst habits into triggers for better habits. Don’t turn the TV on, go outside, be active, call a friend, tackle a craft project, write a letter or open a book instead.

Drink More Water – your skin, body and mind will thank you later.

Eat More Simply – find alternatives for processed foods or make them from scratch. Shop the outer aisles of the grocery stores. Eat simple meals.

Be Active – don’t get stuck on the idea that you have to go pump iron or do sprint intervals for 90 minutes, start small with a goal of 20 minutes a day of activity, whether its going for a bike ride, a walk, gardening or even yoga… just move your body.

Cultivate Relationships – find ways to be a better friend, daughter, sister and wife. Pick someone once a week to focus on. Give them a call, write them a letter, catch up over coffee, go help them out at home, ask them how you can pray for them, send them a box of sunshine.

Study the Bible – there is no better guide to life or ailment for stress. Study the bible and watch your perspectives change from perfection to love, from disappointment to hope, from “what’s missing?” to contentment.

Reflect at Night – spend a couple minutes every night reflecting on the day, being grateful, and quieting your mind through journaling, prayer and/or meditation.

Learn Something Newtake 30 minutes every day to learn something new. (i.e. take a pottery class, listen to a TED talk, do a bible study, learn a new skill)

Simplify & Love Your Home – remove the items that don’t add value to make room for the things that do. Less stuff = more time, money and peace.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan to flip a switch and make all of these changes at once. I plan to start slow. Pick one goal at a time and work to implement it into my routine, slowly building better daily habits. I’ll be sharing my progress here on this blog, and my musings towards striving for my best each day.

It’s very easy for me to get sidetracked, to lose focus, to lose motivation and to completely forget all about my good intentions. Only to return a few weeks later and realize all of my positive intentions and transformative habits have been washed under the bridge by one stressful event or simply by getting comfortable in the daily grind. To help combat the deceleration of motivation, I have a few key resources that serve as a daily dose of inspiration. Here are some of my all-time favorites:

· Self-Growth: JessLively Podcast
· Fashion: Un-Fancy
· Building Healthy Habits: Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
· Professional Development: Success Magazine
· Minimalism/Intention: Zen Habits
· Daily Motivation: The Five-Minute Journal

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